• Bonnie Fitts

We Can All Use a Helping Hand...or Paw

When I was a newbie therapist 15 years ago, I was distressed that there were SO many mental health needs with SO many families in our area. I felt like I couldn't make enough of a difference. It was really distressing to me.

During supervision I shared these thoughts and the frustration I felt.

He said, "Bonnie, the positive difference you can make in just ONE family's life can change THEIR world completely" "And then THEY will have the ability to go out and help OTHERS to make THEIR world better." "It's a chain reaction and you're one of the lights at the beginning of the chain."

I've never forgotten this. And it helps when I feel like there's SO MUCH GOING ON. Like, for example, the Coronavirus mayhem currently affecting our world.

I'm doing this fundraiser for a family I heard about...a young woman, actually. She recently moved out on her own and as my dad used to say, "She doesn't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of." He also used to say, "Nice thoughts are great, but cash helps out much more." (oh dad...I miss ya).

Anyway, this woman is in an entry-level job and is on mandatory 2 week isolation due to potential exposure to Covid-19. If you've ever struggled with a low-paying job, you know that not getting paid for two weeks can devastate you.

I've started this fund for her with the first 15$. I'll do as many cartoon portraits as I can & do my best to make them adorable for you. I'm thinking that if we can get to 200$ then I'll stop and move on to a new person to fundraise for and just keep the chain going as long as I can.

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