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The Heart and Soul of a Greeting Card

Updated: May 25

Designing really IS a thinking process. I know I'm always curious about any creative person's artistic process. When I hear someone else's design process, it gives me an opportunity to possibly incorporate some of their techniques into mine.

So let me explain how I came up with the components for this greeting card. Although, I'll mention that most times I follow a VERY planned-out process, but other times it just happens. It's only LATER that elements of my life have come out in the design!


When the hubs and I were squeaky-newly married, we visited his parents at their lake home, and we slept outside on the covered porch facing the water. Early the next morning I hear hubs whisper, "Bonnie...turn over and look." I rolled over, opened my eyes just a bit and saw the most GORGEOUS sunrise. Thirty years later, I can still bring myself back to that early morning with him next to me and us just quietly watching the beautiful colors of the sunrise together.


Over the years, hubs and I have traveled to Florida numerous times. Florida represents our honeymoon, Disney World, family vacations, relaxing and FUN. And if you've ever traveled to Florida, you know what's on every other lawn there...flamingos! Any time I see a flamingo I get warm fuzzies and think of the hubs, the tater tots and our family over the years.


On our first official date we had ice cream. We go for drives sometimes, and he almost always asks if I wanna stop and get an ice cream. My ice cream inevitably gets loaded with something...sprinkles, whipped cream, nuts. And as a larger girl, he just happily buys me ice cream without any side eye or comments...just a smile and then steals the cherry off the top every.single.time. ha!


I was at a function when I met the hubs. I was also very engaged to someone else. The hubs had been invited by friends and arrived late due to a snowstorm. When he turned the corner the first thing I saw was his eyes. Gorgeous green eyes. To this day I can't explain what happened to me in that moment, but I knew immediately I was going to marry him. While the hubs made his way down the hallway to where our group was hanging out, I had already slipped off my engagement ring and the rest is history. Thirty-ish years later we still talk about "that moment!"

So you can see that sometimes a card is maybe just a card, but I'd be willing to bet that more often than not a card is the heart and soul from a designer's life...but small snapshots over time. Next time you're looking for a card, maybe you'll be able to see the designer's story!

If you've designed or created something that has bit and bobs from your life, let me know in the comments below; add a link if you'd like so we can all see!

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