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The Anxiety Monsters: Talking Back

Back in the day, I was an anxious parent & had anxious kids.

You can't see it, but our lil' aviator has a toolbox in the Memphis Momma!

We might FEEL like lil' kids when anxiety rolls around, but we can be BAD ASS Flying Fortresses against it! We just need the right flight plan in planes! (Can you tell the hubs and I are aviation buffs...lol) There's so many steps to managing anxiety, but here's one of my favorites.

Get good & mad at your anxiety. The kind of mad like "you just saw someone take disinfectant spray outta an elderly person's cart" type of mad. Wouldn't you speak up? Defend the elderly person and say something? I would...and I'd probably have attitude about it as well...a tone, so to speak. That's how you can "talk back" to your anxiety. Take a stern tone with it. Treat it like it's stealing something from you ('cause it's taking your peace). Here's an example of what I say to mine. (As you'll see...I don't like bullies and that's exactly what I think of anxiety...a thief and a bully).

~Shut TF up! You KNOW that's not true (what i'm anxious about). ~And even if it's KINDA true, it doesn't mean it's TOTALLY true! You're such an A$% to be picking on me! ~STOP IT! You're making this into a gigantic huge deal and that's PROBABLY not gonna happen...jerk! ~F$%$ you! If the sh&^ hits the fan I'll get help managing it from people who love me... so bug TF off. ~Ya know what? You're BOOOOORING me. I'm gonna go exercise & do some art. In fact...maybe I'll draw YOU in all your dumb-a%$ glory & then rip it into shreds.

This doesn't always help... but this is why we therapists recommend having a "toolbox" full of many anxiety management "tools" inside of it.

Would you be interested if I created a toolbox of techniques that I use for myself and teach others? Let me know in the comments below!

(Artwork created for Art Licensing Portfolio's March Artist Workshop. You can check them out for the upcoming three months by this link. )

Stay safe, all. And don't forget to



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