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Are you feeling alone in your creative support group?

Updated: Mar 3

The goblin looks like she's alone. But she's not.

My superpower wand wards off negative thinking!

Imagine a hoard of women goblins behind her with THEIR super powers. They're ready to zoom in and assist this goblin to help her defeat what she's looking at.

I imagine this group 'o goblins as a tight-knit group of women art warriors. ⁠

Women who have my back and are there when I need them. And I'm there for them. This is what I want to offer others and what I want to receive.

I'm always seeking like-minded women to hang out with, consult with, share resources with and laugh with. I need them, because I'm doing things that sometimes feel scary, overwhelming or impossible.

These like-minded women are strong emotionally, even though they feel weak at times. They know what they want and aren't afraid to step forward. (Ok..they're kinda afraid to step forward, but they do it anyway). They have that can-do perspective and just don't give up, even when it's challenging day after day after day.

I love my FB groups, but do you get lost in them like I do? I lose touch with people so quickly, because most of the groups are HUGE. SOOOO many people in them chatting & posting. The endless endless scrolling, and I find myself clicking "like, like, like" so people don't think I've fallen to the wayside & aren't interested in what they're posting. I want people to know I really do care.

Have you ever wondered if you were to drop out of any of your current facebook groups/membership groups, would anyone even notice? ⁠ I've left some groups over time, because I didn't feel connected or that I'd even be missed and that's not what I want in a support group. Plus, I left because groups were cluttering my mind more than creating connections.

I've been thinking on this concept for awhile. That's why I'm starting a membership group that's going to be smaller. A group for supportive creative people in our lives and know what makes us laugh, what frustrates us, what are successes are & what we need for support as the weeks go by and we work toward goals.

I wanna share resources openly with others & learn about theirs. I want someone to challenge my excuses & challenge others. I wanna give & get REAL feedback that will help all of us move forward...without having to sift through endless posts.

I just don't think you can really have true support in a group where people don't know what you need support WITH on a week by week basis. So, for me, I know I feel supported & have made connections when I feel like I'd love to have a person I've met over for coffee & can imagine actually doing it. ⁠⁠

I'll need your help on this support group, peeps, 'cause we're better as a group than individually, right? What's YOUR superpower you'd add to a smaller group? What are your ideas that would make you feel connected? What would you like to see, and what are the challenges you've faced in connecting or feeling supported? Let me know in the comments. :D

(I created the goblin art by taking a course with K. Michael Russell on Skillshare. He's a MASTER at all things coloring & lighting so if you wanna amp up your game...check him out here. https://www.skillshare.com/user/kmr)


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